Consultant Advocate Program

At Innovative Intelligent Solutions, our purpose is to positively impact the lives of our employees, clients, consultants, and the communities in which we live and work. It is for this reason that we seek to provide you, the consultant, with the greatest levels of support, care and attention possible.

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We want you to know that we don’t just work with you, we also work for you.

We constantly strive to ensure we create an environment that leaves our consultants feeling cared for and continuously informed on the latest technology and workplace trends.

Our consultant advocates are highly experienced and able to handle any issues that arise on a day-to-day basis and super responsive to your needs. We’re committed to a same-day turnaround as we completely respect and understand the need for being responsive when it comes to any work-related issues that may arise.

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We’re committed to ensuring your experience while working with Innovative Intelligent Solutions is a great one and leads to the establishment of a trusting, long-standing relationship that will be mutually beneficial and support our purpose of positively impacting the lives of our consultants, clients, and employees!

Dedicated Resources

From Day One, you will have a dedicated resource who will be in regular communication with you assisting with all documentation, payroll, and benefits.

Your concerns and challenges are ours, too, which means that we will always endeavor to address and resolve these issues as expediently and efficiently as possible.


And just as we believe in celebrating your key professional milestones, we also think the personal ones are important, too.

You’ll hear from us on birthdays, holidays, and "just because" we want to stay connected.

Appreciation Events

You are also an important part of the Innovative Intelligent Solutions consultant community and, as such, we host local appreciation events throughout the year so that we can connect with you in person and allow you to network with other consultants.

From concert outings to happy hours, these are fun, lively events aimed at bringing our community of talented consultants together.

Referral Bonus

Last but certainly not least, we’ll reward you with a referral check if you refer a consultant who we have not spoken to within the last 6 months and we put them to work.

You will be eligible for a referral check of $1,000 once your referred consultant completes 250 billable hours.

  • Check not received
  • Submitting Timesheets/Expenses
  • PTO
  • Over Time
  • Requests for Time Off
  • Payroll
  • Direct Deposit
  • System Log-in Trouble shooting
  • Change of Address / Contact
  • Information
  • 401K Processing
  • Health Insurance
  • Unemployment
  • Flexible Spending accounts
  • Verification of Employment
  • Sponsored Events
  • Assignment Extensions and Stops